Hi guys, here is an healthy recipe for today. Salmon filet with soy sauce, ginger and lime juice. You can serve this with jasmin rice. So easy to make and yet so delicious!
If you have any question or a bad translation, let me know on the comment section.

Made with Cook Expert Magimix.


2 salmon fillets
1 piece of ginger (5 cm)
60 ml soy sauce
1/2 lime
1 tbsp sesame oil

Mix the soy sauce with the lime juice in a bowl
Add the sesame oil

Remove the skin from the salmon fillets
Peel and slice the ginger

For this recipe I use a plate with high edge that goes right into the steam basket with the grid on it
You can use another container or use a sheet of baking paper that you fold into papilotte

Put some  sesame oil on the plate
Place the salmon fillets and put the ginger slices over the salmon
Pour the lime soy sauce over the salmon

Pour 500ml of water into the tank of Cook Expert
Put the steam basket inside with the tray
Lay the plate on top
Run STEAM / 20 min / 110°C

Serve with jasmin rice


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