This recipe is for all the lemon lover. It's easier to make than you think. Trust me you are gonna love this one. You can it eat with a yogurt, a slice of bread or even make a pie with it. It's super creamy and super delicious !!!

Made with the Cook Expert from Magimix.



Lemon zest
2 eggs
120g lemon juice
110g sugar
135g butter

Zest one lemon using a Microplane
Juice the lemons into the Cook Expert plastic bowl
Put the zest, lemon juice, eggs and sugar
in the Cook Expert stainless steel bowl
Launch the program EXPERT / 10min / SPEED3 / 95°C
Open the lid and wait for the cream to cool (45/50°C)
Add the butter cut into dice
Launch the program EXPERT / 4min / SPEED3 / 40 °
Finally launch the program EXPERT / 20sec / SPEED18 / 0 °
Put your lemon curd in a jar and let it cool down 1h and refrigerate it



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