Hi guys, here is the ultimate chocolate cake recipe! 🍫
It is so good and addictive that I almost ate this all by myself 😂🍫

Made with Cook Expert Magimix.


45 g dark chocolate
80 g butter

4 eggs
65 g honey
110 g sugar
65 g almond powder
105 g flour
7 g baking powder
20 g bitter cacao
105 g semi-thick whole cream

Put the dark chocolate and butter into the stainless steel bowl
Run EXPERT / 5 min / SPEED 3 / 45°C
Set aside in a bowl

Wash the stainless steel bowl

Put the eggs, honey and sugar into the bowl
Run EXPERT / 3 min / SPEED 9 / 0°C
Add the almond powder, flour, baking powder, bitter cacao and the semi-thick whole cream
Run EXPERT / 1 min / SPEED 8 / 0°C
Add the melted chocolate
Run EXPERT / 2 min / SPEED 11 / 0°C

Line a cake pan with baking paper
Pour the mixture into the cake pan
Preheat the oven at 150°C

Set the cake into the fridge for 30 min

Mettre le cake au frigo 30 min avant cuisson
Incise the cake lengthwise using a knife dipped in soft butter

Bake the cake 40/45min at 150°C


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