Hi everyone, I hope all is good!
Here is a recipe for homemade fresh pasta. All you need is a pasta machine, mine is a Marcato Atlas with motor.
Please take care of yourself, your families and your loved one and don't forget to wash your hands ! 🧼🤲🏻

Made with Cook Expert Magimix & Marcato Atlas.


250 g flour
250 g semolina (fine)
5 eggs

Put all the ingredients into the Cook Expert stainless steel bowl
Run EXPERT / 3 min / SPEED 10 / 0°C
If necessary , run again 1 min
If you have small part of pasta, that's OK
Remove the dough from the Cook Expert and knead it into a ball on a floured work surface
Film the dough and set aside 1 hour

After an hour, the dough has regained its elasticity
Cut the dough into 5 pieces, put back in film

Flour the work plan
Take a piece of dough and pass it to the roller of your pasta machine, knob of the pasta machine to 0
After each passage at crank 0, flour the dough and fold it in three
Roll the pasta several times at crank 0 until you got the right texture (5/6 times)
Once you've got the right texture
Reduce the crank of the pasta machine
I.e. cranck 1, then cranck 2 etc.
For spaghetti, I go up to crank 4
For tagliatelle, I go up to crank 6
Use your pasta crank (spaghetti, tagliatelle, etc.)
Pass the pasta sheet through the rollers and flour your fresh pasta to prevent them from sticking together!

You can cook them immediately or store them in the freezer
For cooking: 4 min in boiling water


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