Lately, I started to replace all my spices by organic spices... And I couldn't find this one! That's when I decided to make it myself. You'll need a coffee grinder or a small blender like the one I used (the Blender from Magimic with the mill attachment).


1 cinnamon stick
7 stars anise
12 cloves

1 tbsp. of Sichuan pepper seed
1 tbsp. fennel seed


Break the cinnamon stick into small parts
Put them into a pan with the stars anise
Roast them in medium heat for 4/5 min
Set aside

Then roast the fennel and sichuan pepper seed for 2/3 min and stir continuously
Set aside with the other spices

Grind the spice in a coffee grinder or in the mill attachment of the Blender Magimix
Store this 5 spices into a jar


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